Award Recipients

Our Association would like to congratulate the following individuals and organizations for being selected to win a 2014 Movers of Mountains Award for keeping the life, legend, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. alive through service to others! 

SPECIAL REPORT-We would like to congratulate Mary Cortani on being chosen to receive a Coretta Scott King Award at our Movers of Mountainsand Scholarship Awards event Oct. 18th! Mary is the Founder of Operation Freedom Paws!

She is an incredible woman who is saving lives and empowering Veterans and persons with disabilities through her training and work with service dogs.

To learn more about Mary and Operation Freedom Paws please go to this link!  Mary Cortani: CNN Heroes Top 10 Hero | Operation Freedom Paws

Congratulations to our 2014 Movers of Mountains WINNERS!
County Supervisor Mike Wasserman
Mayor Chuck Reed
Council Member Don Rocha
Council Member Rose Herrera
Deputy D.A. Gogo
Chief Larry Esquivel

Dr. Ryan Knoles
Dr. Stanford Shoor
Bob Gallardo
Robert Robledo
Angel Garza

James Gonzales
Lance Lawson
Poncho Guevara
Archie Moore
Johnson Tran
Roger Winslow DSA
Russ Lee

The Honorable Teresa Cox
Katie Walker
Evette Lara
Veronica Lara
Gloria Quiroz
Cathy Do
Laura Yvanovich


Klaas Kids Foundation
Priority One Kids
Caltran: Lynn Lockwood
Team San Jose: Michael Mulhern
Bikers Against Child Abuse

2013 Award Winners

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Association of Santa Clara Valley would like to congratulate the following individuals, and organizations for being chosen to receive an award for their excellent contributions to our community, and for exemplifying the life, legend, legacy, and mission of the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through service to others.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Association of Santa Clara Valley is a non-profit 501(C)3 with bylaws restricting the association from endorsing any political candidates.  Because of this policy, the Board has voted that awards from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Association will NOT be awarded during the 18 month period preceding any election where the particular recipient has declared themselves as a candidate.

A special award will be given to Carl Schroeder, Vice President of the MLK Association, for his hard work and dedication to our Board for eight years of excellent service.

We are very pleased to announce that Ms. Brenda Lyons will be receiving the Coretta Scott King award for her outstanding service to the deaf community. This is the second time in 30 years that we have given out this award.  We would like to wish Ms. Lyons a very special congratulations!

The following Women have been chosen to receive our Working Women’s Achievement Award:

  • San Jose Police Sgt. Gina Tibaldi
  • Stephanie Fong
  • Lyndsey Marks
  • Angelina Sabatino- Macias
  • Doris Korn-Walker
  • Vivian Ng
  • Janet Childs

The following people have been selected for our Movers of Mountains Award:

  • US Marshal Donald O’Keefe
  • Santa Clara County CEO Dr. Jeff Smith
  • San Jose Council Member Ash Kalra
  • Darrell “D-Real” Armstead
  • Bob Michels
  • Joseph Okpaku
  • Pastor Danny Sanchez
  • Keith Hames

The following organizations have been selected for our Mover of Mountain’s Award:

  • Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 52
  • The United States Marshals’
  • Cultivating Unity Pride and Empowerment of the Deaf
  • San Jose Police Department Homicide Unit
  • Second Harvest
  • Black Sheep Redemption Program’s Peer Tutoring & Literacy Center in San Juan Bautista

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Association recognizes individuals and organizations that serve the public interest in our community. Meet the 2012 Mover of Mountains Award and Coretta Scott King Women’s Awards:

  • Sunshine Borelli, Deputy Chief of Staff for Assembly Member Beall
  • Officer Jamil Carter, San Jose Police Department
  • Teresa Castellanos, Office of Human Relations, Immigration Program
  • Sgt. Jason Dwyer:, San Jose Police Department
  • Lt. James Ford, San Jose Police Department
  • Aaron Grizzell, Executive Director—Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Foundation
  • Captain Mary Gutierrez, San Jose Fire Department
  • Diane Doolan, Independent Police Auditor’s Office
  • Kate Jones, The Network for A Hate Free Community
  • Pastor Linda Lara, Star of David Ministries
  • Bud Lomonaco:, Crime Stoppers
  • Gloria Maturino, Parent Project Coordinator
  • Aaron Resendez, Community Leader
  • Pascual Rivera, Jr., Community Activist
  • Scott Savage, Assistant Chief Investigator in the Office of the District Attorney
  • Dr. Agi Schenley, CIT
  • George Schifano:, County Sheriff
  • Steve Trubow, Civil Rights Investigator
  • Bill Wilson Center
  • Black Infant Health (BIH) Program of Santa Clara County
  • Help Kenyan Children Survive and Thrive, Inc.
  • Pass the Torch
  • Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority